Dress Shape Diary - Silhouette Examples

If you’re getting ready to begin your wedding dress hunt, it’s really helpful that you understand the basics when it comes to silhouette terminology! Knowing at least a handful of different wedding gown styles will help you and your stylist at Ella Blu in El Paso sort through wedding dress options and easily find something you’re interested in trying out. Here’s a quick rundown of some well-known wedding dress silhouettes that you can keep in your arsenal for your wedding dress search:




You can easily characterize an A-line gown silhouette by the flared skirt with a fitted waistline. This is one of the most popular wedding dress silhouettes because it’s universally flattering and comfortable! Whether you’re looking for a dress that cinches your waist or if you’re wanting to highlight your upper body, this A-line shape is a perfect choice.




Mermaid shapes are dresses that flare out beginning at the knee, creating a dramatic silhouette that hugs your curves. It also highlights your torso because of the longer bodice. This is another shape that’s popular among brides and can be found in a variety of styles featuring lace and embroidered florals.




This dress is frequently confused with the mermaid shape, which is why we want to explain the difference in today’s post! What’s different about the trumpet silhouette is that the flare begins at mid-thigh rather than the knees like a mermaid silhouette. This shape is great for brides wanting to elongate their legs and feel a little more comfortable than they might in a mermaid dress!


Ball Gown


The ball gown is definitely one of the most popular wedding gown shapes and is known for its fairytale-like quality. These wedding dresses feature a much larger skirt than any other shape and perfectly emulate what it feels like to be a princess! It’s truly a dream come true to wear one of these dresses on your wedding day.


Fit and Flare


Fit and flare wedding dresses are defined as having a flared skirt and fitted bodice; simple enough, right? These could be confused with other dresses that feature a flared out skirt, but keep in mind that the difference here is how tame the flare is. It’s significantly less dramatic than a mermaid or trumpet flare! It follows the natural curves of your body and is a gradual flare that’s universally flattering.


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