Mix & Match Bridesmaids Dresses

Mix & Match Bridesmaids Dresses

While tradition has taught us that bridesmaids' dresses are all supposed to match perfectly, things have changed a lot in the past several years! Gone are the days of hideous gowns covered in taffeta; now, brides opt to give their bridal party a little more individuality in their looks. We at Ella Blu love the trend of mixing and matching bridesmaids' dresses for weddings! If you need some inspiration for how to mix and match your bridal party dresses, keep reading:


Same Color, Different Styles


This option is perfect for brides who are really set on having their bridal party wear the same color! It allows you some control over what shade your bridesmaids wear but simultaneously allows them to pick gowns they feel most comfortable in. We love these beautiful dresses above!


Same Dress, Different Colors


Another option is to have your bridesmaids wear the same dress but in different colors! We love this choice because it’s a great way to incorporate multiple wedding colors into the dresses. This is also a great option if you and your partner are sharing bridal party members! These dresses from Morilee are a perfect example of a matching silhouette with complementary colors.


Different Dress Styles and Colors


This is a great option that allows complementary colors! It still gives your bridal party the freedom of choosing a dress they feel beautiful in while keeping with your theme colors for the wedding.


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